It's time for your new normal!

A five-month group coaching program starting February 2019 for the creative female entrepreneur ready to master her business skills, create a consistent and tailor made marketing plan, step into the role of an empowered feminine entrepreneur, and create a purposeful business that aligns with her life.

The #hustle is real.

You are juggling multiple roles at all times and it feels like you are barely keeping your head above water. You have either been at this for awhile now, or perhaps you recently left your corporate gig to throw your hat in the entrepreneurial game; or maybe you took a break for maternity leave and never went back. Either way, your business (and life) are looking very different these days and things aren't quite happening the way you thought they would.

But you know deep down that there is a successful entrepreneur inside you. You know that your side hustle has real potential, but you're just not quite sure of the next steps.


  • Your to-do list just keeps getting longer and you find yourself in a constant state of overwhelm. You keep trying to create space for your business and clients, and yet it keeps getting pushed aside.

  • When it comes to marketing, you’re taking action, but you aren’t sure exactly how to convert your following into clients.

  • You also know you should be hiring support of some kind, but again, it all just feels a bit overwhelming. You aren’t sure where to start, what they would do, or where to find them.

  • When you do find time for work, you absolutely love everything about it! And yet, somehow, it doesn’t feel like you are being compensated enough for all the time, energy, and love you give to it and your clients.

  • You’ve watched a few people build successful (and profitable) businesses, and you know that it’s possible for you too, it just feels like you are constantly one step behind.

  • You’ve heard quite a bit about the importance of starting an email list, and you know you should, but the thought of getting it started, how to do it, and what to say feels overwhelming, so you keep pushing it to the backburner.

  • You know there is something to this “mindfulness” and “manifestating” work, but you’re not sure how to directly apply it to your everyday work, and honestly, who has the time to devote to it when there are so many other things to do!

Bottom Line

You’ve got A LOT on your plate.

And you know you have
so much more to offer.

You want to run a
successful business.

You want to work with amazing clients and do what you love. And you want to make consistent money doing it.

The thought of contributing to your family income and creating more ease for yourself and your partner is a very real desire of yours.

You know you can do it,
you’re just not quite sure “how.”

Since doing Thrive there has been a lightness around my business. Clients are coming to me now. I feel intentional and confident in my business! I would accept any challenge to find someone better than Heidi!

And that is why Heidi is going to show you -

how to build, run, and manage a successful business, even when you've got a lot on your plate. Once you get over the hurdle of saying yes to yourself and your business, you’ll be looking at:

  • Supportive business systems, tools, and structures to streamline your business, taking a lot of the repetitive tasks off your plate. (No more invoicing, chasing clients for payment, and last-minute cancellations).

  • Clear guidance on how to create a tailor-made marketing plan and structure that is going to work for you and turn your network into paying clients.

  • Direct guidance and coaching on how to keep your head in the game through the ups and downs that inevitably come with entrepreneurship.

  • How to focus your time and energy on money-making activities. It’s time to drill down on the things that are most important and will make the biggest impact on your business.

  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of, to ask their opinion in a safe, welcomed environment.

  • How to manage a full family, social calendar and still run your passion-based business.


And if that wasn't enough…

You’ll have consistent mentorship, coaching, and direct access to Heidi - a proven, successful businesswoman, mom, wife, and creator of a life and business better than she thought was possible.

I had a major milestone: My first $12k month! Woohoo! Working with Heidi definitely started me down an important road this year and helped me see what was holding me back. It was such a valuable part of my work last year and my business has changed a lot, in a wonderful way, because of it.




Here is an opportunity to spend five months working closely alongside Heidi and other female creative entrepreneurs, just like you, who are ready to master their business skills, develop a consistent marketing strategy, step into their power as a feminine entrepreneur, and create consistent income month after month.

There are 18 modules full of strategy. Each week you will get videos and workbooks to cover the materials. You have a private website and forum to discuss material and get feedback from your fellow entrepreneurs and Heidi. Every other week there will be a live two-hour call to support what you are learning in the modules. All recordings will live on your private member site, which you'll have lifetime access to! This program is designed to give you everything you need to build consistent 5-figure months (and beyond). Below you will find the topics we will be covering together:


You can't get to where you are going without first knowing where you want to end up. As Steven Covey says, we will be "starting with the end in mind." You be asked to stretch your imagination of what's possible, and you'll be guided through an exploration and exercises to get crystal clear on where you are going. From that place, we will form a plan of action to get you there in the quickest route possible.


I could write an entire course only on Money Mindset (and I have!) but for Thrive, this module is dedicated to make sure that your inner thoughts and beliefs are in alignment with what you want to create. No matter how badly you want something, if there is a subconscious belief that you don't deserve it or aren't good enough, it won't come in. This module will support you in clearing the stuff that is standing between you and what you want.


Know exactly who you are speaking to, what their challenges are, and the best way to work with them. This is the first module of many that will help you drill down not only who are meant to work with, but also how to speak to them through all of your marketing materials.


Whether you are brand new in their business or you've been at it for ten years, there is always an opportunity to get more clarity on what you are offering. The exercises in this module are the exact process I take myself through every six months to make sure I am in tune with my clients and that my offerings are in alignment with what is going on to best serve them.


This week we'll dive even deeper into who you are. In this module you'll get clear on your mission, your vision, and your values. Having clarity on these pieces will set the foundation for everything you create moving forward. We will also explore what to look for when creating or upgrading your website and working with a graphic designer, which is how your personal brand comes to life in the online world.


Ever walk into a networking meeting and suddenly find that you aren't sure how to introduce yourself?  Or do you ever sit down to write a social media post and go blank, unsure of what to share? This module supports you in having confidence as you create content and introduce yourself.


People want to work with people they know, like, and trust. This module will support you in utilizing a strategic and proven method to connect with new people in person, as well as communicate with people in your network who already know about your services.


This will support you in not only running your business, but running your life just as efficiently! If you're anything like me, running my household is just as important (and layered) as running my business. I'm going to teach you the skills and techniques I use to run multiple businesses, raise kids, and still have a social life.


I am firm believer that we women can have it all, but we definitely can't do it all. Know when it's time to delegate, where to find support, and what kind of support you need, so you can step into becoming an actual business owner instead of a soloprenuer!


This is one of the areas I'm known for! We will talk about ways to trust your feminine intuition to build your business, integrate spiritual practices into your life and business, and be more mindful so that you can truly enjoy the process.


It's time for you to be confident selling and onboarding clients. My clients no longer say things like "I'm not good at sales," or "I don't know what to say to a potential client."  I've been told by former students that they watch this module on repeat as it has completely shifted the way they approach all of their calls with potential clients.


If you're like most of the women I work with, you've been hearing for awhile that you need to start an email list, but are just not exactly sure how. And when you do get started or think about it, it just gets really overwhelming. My team is going to walk you through step-by-step exactly how to get it set up and I will be teaching you the content to include on a weekly basis.


You've heard about creating a "freebie" to grow your email list, maybe you've even tried one or two. This is one (of many) ways that you can grow your following and begin to turn your social network into paying clients and will be vital if you ever decide to go into paid advertising. Either way, you need a consistent list of new people to speak to about your services, and this is one of the ways people are going to find you.


This week we'll dive even deeper into who you are. In this module you'll get clear on your mission, your vision, and your values. Having clarity on these pieces will set the foundation for everything you create moving forward. We will also explore what to look for when creating or upgrading your website and working with a graphic designer, which is how your personal brand comes to life in the online world.


Learn how to (and why) create a recurring system that makes sense for you and your business. We will dive into all of that during this week.


If you haven't heard by now, Facebook and Instagram LOVE videos! So why aren't you using them? I'm going to walk you through a step-by-step process so you are confident in what to say, when and where to go Live, the equipment you need, and all the tools that go into going live.


A proven marketing tool to convert interested parties into paying clients--I've had my clients see major results from using these techniques! From a personal stylist that had a $14k week, to a branding coach that hit her first $10k month… using challenges, masterclasses, and webinars should be part of your business plan.


During this section we are going to learn how to develop the confidence and skills we need to truly step in our fullest potential as female leaders and entrepreneurs. You will truly learn to become the leader of your life.

Heidi gives you the confidence to go in there and build your packages and charge your worth. Having someone be able to guide you in this way really changed things for me.

How else do we support you?

Let Us Tell You…

Live One-On-One Coaching

Every other week, we will have a live group call, with Heidi, where you can get coaching and your questions answered on the spot! These calls will be recorded and can be accessed at any point, in the event that you are not able to be on them live.

High Vibe Community

Be part a community of like-minded women. This will become your tribe, a source for referrals amongst each other in different industries, and an opportunity to form new friendships, connections and a community with women just like you.

Wealth-Consciousness Training

You will get everything Heidi has used to massively transform her relationship with money which ultimately led to her growing a multi-seven figure company! You will get access to meditations, daily practices, morning routines, affirmations and reading list.

Self-Care Training

Take it from someone who hit burn-out at the ripe ole age of 24… yes, making money is important. Yes, Heidi is going to teach you how to do it. Yes, you will be given all the tools. AND she is going to take a stand for you enjoying the journey, to be uber-connected with your intuition, to avoid burn-out and to take care of yourself.

Real Transformation

Heidi doesn't do mediocre. She doesn't do half-ass. She doesn't do 'someday.' Heidi is committed to your greatness, to you having the transformation that you came for, and for taking your dreams seriously. She is also committed to being direct in her feedback and coaching with you. Yes, she is loving. Yes, she most definitely has a very soft and spiritual side… but Heidi also speaks the truth, is incredibly intuitive, and will get right to the point with you. If you are ready for real and serious transformation, this group is for you.


In addition, you will get access to our entire vault of bonuses. That means specialized training from the best in their fields. Learn how to plan a photoshoot, create stock photography, grow your social media following, handle legal contracts and more.

These calls alone are worth over $3000!

Here are some of the experts you will get a one hour live call with:


Attorney and Legal Resource


The Facebook Ad Specialist


Your go-to PR gal


The Instagram Expert


Personal Stylist and Image Consultant



Additional Bonuses to make THRIVE extra sweet…

    This is packed with resources and materials to not only help you successfully navigate and move through Thrive, but to give you the tools and mindset work you need to flourish in your business.

    Before Thrive begins, you will be given two opportunities to join Heidi for a live Business and Goal-Setting Workshop. These workshops will take place January 15th and 29th.

    From reading list suggestions to hiring guides, you get access to my entire vault.

    Visualization to help you get clarity on your vision and align your mindset with it.

    Take stock of where you are starting from so you can track your accelerated progress.

Exclusive Live Event !

There will be limited space to join some of your fellow Thrivers at a VIP live experience, hosted in Los Angeles in March 2019. Over the course of two days a small group of women will be receiving intimate support. There will be live individualized coaching, guest speakers, and more.

Click here to learn more.


The first 10 people to sign up for the live-event will get an exclusive (all expenses paid) dinner with Heidi Stevens on March 19th. There are only 3 spots left.


THE THRIVE Guarantee

30 days:100% money back guarantee!!

Your enrollment in THRIVE is completely risk-free—if you’re not happy, I’m not happy. If by March 15th, 2019, you show me your work have have shown up to the calls—your worksheets from Modules 1-4—and haven’t seen any results, I’ll buy the program back from you, no questions asked!

I wholeheartedly believe in this program, and I know if you dig in and trust the teachings (and me!) you’ll see results. Thrive is for serious, committed women who are serious about seeing change and success in their business, but I also want you to feel comfortable making this purchase. - read more here.

I accomplished all my goals because of Thrive. I almost doubled my monthly income after Thrive. And even beyond that, I feel so comfortable and confident in myself. I’m not scared anymore to put myself out there. Being in Thrive truly changed my life. My heart is more open and my business is now thrivng.


seven billion


Chances are that you need less than ten to hit your financial goals.

Where do I begin?! Going into this, honestly, I don’t think I fully realized how much self-doubt, bad habits, limiting beliefs, and fear was getting in the way of my success. In working with Heidi and being a part of her group, I have been given such invaluable advice, guidance, and the push/support I have been needing for years to run my business confidently!


Payment Plan

fourteen payments of


*Please note payments are taken out on a bi-weekly basis.


one payment of


*If you pay-in-full you will get a $500 break in the total cost of the program.

VIP Experience

one payment of


*Please note there are only 20 seats - learn more. There is also a payment plan available.

Thrive is for those people who are ready and seeking some way to reach the next level of their business. The moment Heidi started working with me, my entire perspective changed. My life changed, my business changed, and even my husband jumped on board and changed. I would do this a million times over.

You could continue going at this alone. You can keep feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list and underwhelmed with your income, or...


You can follow Heidi's guidance, systems and her proven methods of running not one, but multiple successful businesses and coaching other women, just like you, to do the same and cut your learning curve time in half.

You can learn from Heidi how to delegate, how to focus on money making activities, and how to move your business and life forward in a way that feels exciting and congruent. And you can do it all with confidence.

You can learn how to use proven marketing strategies in a way that is unique and applicable to you and your business.

And you can learn how to use mindfulness practices to once and for all transform the old beliefs and step into a higher vibe mental state.

When I first started working with Heidi I was pricing mysef so low. But with the support of Thrive and Heidi I was able to call in my ideal client. After going through Thrive I was able to hit my first $10k month!


Where does Thrive take place?

Online! The work will take place starting  February 2019 on the private Thrive website. You will receive all training modules on a weekly basis. The live coaching calls will take place over Zoom. You will have lifetime access to the training, so you can revisit the modules again after the live training.

What happens between now and when Thrive starts?

Great question! And the answer is, a lot. Heidi has created a welcome hub that you will gain immediate access to. This is where you will learn how to make the most of your time in this program; how to start getting in the right mindset now, as well as starting to create stronger habits; and you will be preparing to set your intentions and desires for Thrive. She is also hosting multiple bonus calls that are free learning opportunities. These bonus calls will start in December and go through the official launch of Thrive. As soon as your registration is complete and we receive payment, you'll start gaining access to all of this.

When does Thrive start?

While the program officially starts in early February and runs through July 2019, everyone that joins between now and then will be getting a jumpstart. Our LIVE EVENT will be March 20th - 21st (tentative). All coaching calls will be recorded and housed in your member page, and students will receive access to those for life.

When are the live coaching calls offered?

Live coachings take place on a bi-weekly basis. Our first call will be February 12th, at 10am PST. From there we will have a live coaching call every other week, always on a Tuesday. 2/26 at 3pm PST, 3/12 at 10am PST, 3/26 at 3pm PST, 4/9 at 10am PST, 4/23 at 3pm PST, 5/7 at 10am PST, 5/21 at 3pm PST,6/4 at 10am PST, and 6/18 at 3pm PST.

How do I know if this is for me?

Thrive was made for service-based creative female entrepreneurs who want a step-by-step roadmap to clarity, tools and action. Heidi has worked with women in the following industries: coaching, consulting, graphic designers, photographers, branding, stylists, interior designers, event planners, community organizers, professional organizers as well as women in the "influencer" space that want to create a service or online product to monetize. If you have a desire to grow your business, and want to learn how to do it effectively both on and offline, Thrive is for you. There are also several real estate agents that have taken Thrive and benefited tremendously. While not every single module is applicable, given Heidi's background, she coaches women in real estate very effectively.

How do I know if this is for me?

Thrive was made for service-based creative female entrepreneurs who want a step-by-step roadmap to clarity, tools and action. Heidi has worked with women in the following industries: coaching, consulting, graphic designers, photographers, branding, stylists, interior designers, event planners, community organizers, professional organizers as well as women in the "influencer" space that want to create a service or online product to monetize. If you have a desire to grow your business, and want to learn how to do it effectively both on and offline, Thrive is for you. There are also several real estate agents that have taken Thrive and benefited tremendously. While not every single module is applicable, given Heidi's background, she coaches women in real estate very effectively.

Who is Thrive NOT for?

Thrive definitely isn't for everyone! If you are looking for shortcuts or a magic pill, and no real business strategy, then you need not apply. If you are looking to grow a business selling products, an influencer wanting to hone in on your brand deals, or are wanting to start a retail store, Thrive isn't for you. Thrive is most effective for women entrepreneurs that are either selling their services or have the desire to do so. This program is not for you if your plan is to learn by window shopping. Thrive is a 'be committed, learn the steps, do the work' kind of program.

Can my business partner take Thrive with me?

Thrive is a single membership program. Meaning, one person per membership. If you'd like to do the program with your partner, then please share the love, but enroll separately.

How much of a time commitment is this?

Heidi has designed Thrive so that it isn't just collecting digital dust on your computer. The modules are released weekly to help pace the course and keep you from feeling overwhelmed or falling behind. However, there is a lot of heavy work involved that is meant to stretch you and move you to the next level. If you are doing the modules weekly, and attending the live coaching calls bi-weekly, you should allocate 3-5 hours a week for the training, at minimum. Keep in mind though, everything is recorded and added to your member portal for your lifetime access! Now, does building a sustainable, fulfilling business take more than the 5 months we will be working together? YES! This time we are working together will set a strong foundation and be the catalyst to change your business needs. And you will have access to all the materials for life, so you can constantly reference them.

How are we supported throughout this program?

From the moment you join Thrive, you'll be supported. Right away you can expect a comprehensive welcome packet that will show you how to get the most out of the program, as well as exercises to start working on your mindset right away. You will receive bonus calls throughout December and January directly with Heidi.  The membership community will be opening up in January for you to get to know one another, ask questions, and start building community. Heidi is in the private community several times a week. Starting in February, every other week, there will be a 2-hour live coaching call and Q&A session with Heidi. We have learned that everyone that shows up gets everything they need and all their questions answered! We also have an exclusive resource library that our team has been curating and building for the past few years. We take customer care to heart. If you need anything, tech or otherwise, you can reach our team directly at hello@heidistevens.co and we will take care of you as quickly as possible.

How much direct access do we get to Heidi?

A lot! You having success and getting what you need is Heidi's main focus. She  will be working with you live every other week and supporting you on your individual businesses, transforming your mindset, getting clarity on your next steps, and any other questions you may have. She will also pop up in the community to support you several times a week. While we can't guarantee results, from our experience, if you truly show up and do the work, you will see tremendous transformation in your business and yourself!

How quickly will I get access to the materials once I sign up?

When you sign up you will immediately receive an email that gives you access to our Welcome Hub, which is loaded with goodies to get your started. Within that you'll find a welcome video; tutorials on how to make the most of the course; a welcome packet, your reading list to get a jump start on; and journaling and other exercises to have you start off the program on a super high-note. Access to the full member website will open in February 2019. And all learning materials will be delivered on a weekly basis starting February 11th.

How long do I have access to the materials?

For life. We want to make sure your investment pays off for as long as you want to be successful in your business. Several of our former clients share that they consistently go back to modules even a year later!

Do you offer refunds?

Purchasing Thrive is completely risk free. If you aren't happy, then Heidi is not happy! If by March 14th 2019, you show us your work from the first 4 modules and have shown up the to the live calls, and haven't seen any results-Heidi will buy the course back from you, no questions asked! We wholeheartedly believe in this program, and know if you dig in and trust the teachings (and Heidi!) you will see the results. Thrive is for serious, committed women who are seeking change and success in their business, but we want you to feel comfortable making this purchase.

Do I need to be a mom or want children fo this to be applicable?

Absolutely not! Heidi just so happens to be a mother who runs a successful business, despite the misconception that that isn't possible. She does end up connecting a lot with other mom-preneurs because they share this added challenge. But this program is for you regardless of if you have little ones in-tow, or not.

Can I take this program if I'm outside of the US?

Absolutely! We have women from all over the world enrolling in Heidi's coaching. This course works, as long as you work it. All the materials and videos will be in English, so you should have a strong understanding of spoken and written English. And please be mindful of all currency rates and foreign transaction fees that may occur, as the financial responsibility is yours.


You are purchasing for one (1) person to Thrive 2019 (referred to below as the "Thrive," the "Program," the "Product," the "Service"). You must be at least 18 years of age or older to purchase Thrive.

Thrive includes live course access, course content and materials, other materials and information by the Company (collectively, the "Content") and access to the website for members of the Program (the "Site"). By purchasing access to Thrive, you agree to the Company's Terms of Conditions and Terms of Purchase and Privacy Policy (collectively the "Agreement") following legal terms and conditions that govern your use of Thrive and form a legal agreement between you and the company.


No solicitation within Thrive member area. You are not permitted to offer your services, sell your programs or products, or invite Thrive participants to join other social networks, groups, or programs. This is a space for learning and is pitch-free, solicitation-free and sales-free environment. Sharing affiliate links within Thrive is not permitted.

Your failure to comply with these terms will result in immediate termination of your participation in Thrive without a refund.

Community Rules. You agree to abide by Thrive Community Rules which are hereby incorporated into this agreement.

Before I started working with Heidi I was depressed. I was struggling and barely making it through each day. After meeting Heid I finally feel like I’m in control of my own life. She gave me the tools to believe in myelf and to reach higher levels.


Is Created For You If…

  • You have been working at your business, but don't quite know the steps you need to reach the next level. We certainly can have it all, but we can't do it all! And, we'd also add, we can't know it all. Which is why we turn to others to support us, to mentor us, to show us the path and steps we need!

  • You know there has to be another way to success that doesn't involve being constantly #burntout. There is! We promise you.

  • You are a hard worker! As the saying goes, action begets action. Running a business takes real work, and the same is true of Thrive. You are ready to get uncomfortable in order to experience major growth.

  • You are passionate, but perhaps don't fully know your WHY... or your ideal client. You are ready for your message to be put out there! You just need to understand the goal isn't to reach everyone, it's to reach the right someone! Let's start out together on the right foot.

Before Thrive I had only three clients and no online presence. I knew my ideal client, but I had no clue how to attract new clients and run a business. Thrive helped me build a plan and gave me direction. I signed two new clients within the first few weeks joining Thrive!


It's time to step into your fullest potential. Let's do this!

I’d recommend Thrive anyone who feels like they have hit their financial ceiling. Heidi really supported me in getting clarity on a new offering for my business that would help me reach new income levels. That program has opened so many doors, brought me so many new clients, and is now my main revenue source. Heidi has helped me to see myself and see my gifts and honoring what I have to offer.


Hi there, I'm Heidi Stevens, business coach for creative entrepreneurs.

Over the past decade, I have built a successful real estate firm in Los Angeles, alongside Kenny, my partner (in business and in life). We grew the firm to a mulitple 7-figure business in annual revenue, and I built and trained a team of 30+ people.

Despite my professional success, life felt divided. During the week, I was managing my team and closing deals. Then, on the weekends, I'd step into the spiritual side — attending personal development workshops, working with coaches and healers, and getting my Masters in Spiritual Psychology.

I noticed that the more I leaned into meditation, mindset work, and manifestation exercises, the more successful business became. I realized business strategy and spirituality were closely aligned and one could inform the other.

I knew I wanted to help other women discover this connection and use it to strengthen and grow their businesses and create more easeful, prosperous lives.

Over the past two years, I've had the honor to mentor more than 100 women through phases of concentrated growth (whether through my private client work or my transformative group program, Thrive). I have helped them find more harmony, success and growth.

I look forward to supporting you in building a business and life better than you think is possible.

She took me from stuck, overworked, and underpaid by clients, to support set-up, and confident in my pricing. And that has allowed me to double my income! I was able to hire a team, have 18k months and growing, and take a weekend off. Which I have not been able to do in five years!
It’s not a stretch for me to say that Thrive Business Coaching Program literally changed my life. My time in the program could be described as a simultaneous coming of age and a bit of spiritual awakening on top of a (loving) butt-kicking and a lot of wise, highly actionable insight into how to run your business properly. If you’re a female entrepreneur that’s open to really changing their mindset, Thrive is a huge asset to your business and life. The support of the group and the expertise of Heidi not only make you truly feel like you’re supported, but they also inspire and educate you. It’s so beneficial to be in such an inspiring and judgement-free zone. Thrive has helped me become more closely aligned to the business owner—and woman—that I want to be.
I joined Heidi’s group because she was clearly killing it as a new business owner and connecting with creatives in my area. I wanted to do the same! She challenged me to dig much deeper though, and I unlocked major financial and emotional blockages that I wasn’t even aware of. Heidi’s gift is the ability to align our spiritual calling to create and connect with our desire to live comfortably. She lives this herself and truly thrives in sharing the tools to do so with others.